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Ravimohan Surendranath Tissanayagam
Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Name : Ravimohan Surendranath Tissanayagam
Location : Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Birthdate : 20th January 1951
Birthplace : Colombo
Occupation : Entrepreneur
About Ravimohan Surendranath Tissanayagam
Ravimohan Surendranatha Tissanayagam is the only son of the late C. R. Tissanayagam and Sakuntala Rajaratnam. Managing Director of I. D Lanka (Pvt) Limited and a member of many other boards. Mohan is a successful business magnate and a patron of the arts.

His collections of books include several rare and historically significant works while his collection of paintings include all the local painters from the class of 49. Mohan is also a fan of classical music and supports the Colombo Symphony Orchestra as its patron.

Immediate Family
Charles Rasaratnam Tissanayagam
  Rupawathy Sakunthala
Devikarani Priyadharshini
  Menaka Padmalochani
Rukmini Ramanathan