Tissanayake Mudali
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According to the local tradition in the village of Mathakal, Tissanayake Mudaliyar who lived during Dutch times, was descended from a Vellala Chieftain who had married a princess of Jaffna. This  mudaliyar, lived  in great state,  in a land which had the thombu name “Manan Pulam” which translates as the “land of the King”, which was situated in the interior of the  village, close to the old Pillayar temple at Kanjipuram. Arrayed around “Manan Pulam” were lands with Thombu names such as Kuthirai Kulipati (stables), Thannakkadi (elephant stables) Vannan Kinathadi (settlement of washer-men) Pallan Kulakkarai (settlement of Palla slaves) and Parrachi Tharai (land of the Paraya slaves), which suggests that the service castes were settled around the main estate to attend to the needs of the family.
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There were two other lands that belonged to the family which had connotations that they had once been owned by a princess or a woman of high birth. One land was called “Ammai Pangu” (the portion or the dower of the matriarch) the other was named “Alahiya Nachchiyar Vayal” (the field of the beautiful princess).  These thombu names substantiate Tissanayake Mudaliyar\'s royal pedigree.

Perhaps the Vaipava Malai, is setting down this tradition, when narrating the story of Princess Vethavalli, who was said to have been given the village of Mathakal, by her father Prince Paranirupasinghe, on her marriage to a Vellala Chieftain from that village.  (refer article on the “Aristocratic and Royal villages of Jaffna”)

The family makes the same mistake as many other Jaffna families by accepting the Vaipava Malai in toto, and link their lineage back to princess Vethavalli, who may or may not have been a real historical personage.

Although there is sufficient evidence to show Royal antecedents of the family, the exact connection to the Aryachakravarti\'s cannot be substantiated with any independent, or authenticated documents.

Tissanayake Mudaliyar who also had extensive land holdings in the neighboring villages of Mavittapuram and Chullipuram is also referred to as Mavittapuram Vellalan and Chullipuram Vellalan in some of the records of the period. A marriage which he attested in 1777 describes him as Mavittapuram Vellalan, and a copy of this document is available in the family archives and the Jaffna Katcheri (now transferred to Nuwara Eliya). His son Visvanathan was the Udayar of Mavittapuram which is the seat of Hindu Orthodoxy, as a result of the ancient Kandasamy kovil one of the most venerated shrines of Jaffna, being located there.

Its legendary founder was a Horse Faced Princess Marutha Puraviha Valli the daughter of Tissai Ugra Chola. The title “Tissai” is suspiciously close to the prefix borne by the male members of the family.Legend has it that “Ugrasingha of Kalinga” a descendent of King Vijaya’s brother carried her away and made her his bride. 

Wickremasinghe Mudaliyar, and Weerasundera Mudaliyar both of Mathakal and Tissai Weerasooriya Mudaliyar of Chullipuram were also said to be close kinsmen of Tissanayake Mudaliyar.  The exact relationships have not been established. 

Tissanayake Mudaliyar was also a lineal descendent of Ticai Vilangu Nayake Muthali, who is mentioned in the grant of Nallamapanan, Mudaliyar of Pannakamam in Dutch times. Refer Pathmanathan, “Kingdom of Jaffna”. It can be seen that Kantha Udayan, on being elevated to the position of Mudaliyar of Kilakkumulai takes his ancestral name of Ticai Vilangu Nayake Muthali.

Villankulam which is a place name made up of the two words \"Vilvam\" and \"Kulam\" can be translated as “Wood Apple Pond”. The Sinhala corruption of this name is \"Bulankulame\", who claim to be the oldest recorded family in the country and are the lay custodians of the Sri Maha Bodhi in Anuradhapura.

According to another local tradition in Mathakal, Sangamittha Theri disembarked with the Sri Maha Bodhi on a land belonging to the family which carries the thombu name “Pothipulam” (refer point 2 – under Tissanayagam Family Traditions)

These traditions prove the families’ connection to the North central province and the sacred Bodhi tree.
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