Non Availability of Archival Material prior to the 17th century (Dutch period)

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Non Availability of Archival Material prior to the 17th century (Dutch period)
As is the case with the rest of the  island authentic, independent genealogical information about families of Jaffna can only be traced upto the DUTCH period. Any information prior to this period is unreliable and cannot accepted unless reliable evidence is available to substantiate it.


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Gunda Hello Mohan,

Your articles are very interesting! i am an avid blogger and this is the first real site i have seen dealing with Sri Lanka's history and the Tamil people.

Nice to see more articles about the Sinhala families as well - it would be very entertaining!

Webmaster  Dear Gunda,

It was encouraging to see your message and we are pleased that you enjoyed visiting our site. We also have a lot of information about Sinhala families and their genealogies, unfortunately our site is dedicated to the Tissanayagam family and the Kumarakulasinghe family and as such may not be the forum to publish such information on the site. Perhaps we should think of a web site collectively for genealogies of Sri Lankan families. In the interim we would be happy to pass on any specific information you may required. Please email us at:
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