Traditions of the Barr Kumarakulasinghe Family

Tradition 1

According to family tradition the Kumarakulasinghe's claim their descent from the Aryachakravarti Kings who ruled Jaffna (172). This fact was acknowledged by the Dutch government in 1756 when they recognized an ancestor; Don Juan Kumarakulasinghe Mudaliyar as the only descendant of the last legitimate King of Jaffna, and conferred on him the title "Irumarapuntuuya".

Refer profile of Don Juan Kumarakulasinghe mudaliyar

Tradition 2

According to family tradition the Dutch government also bestowed on Don Juan Kumarakulasinghe, a golden pendant (padakkam) with the title of "Irumarapuntiuuya" inscribed on it, a golden sword, and a diamond ring. This diamond ring is still preserved by member of the family living in Jaffna.

According to this tradition the Dutch also gave him the priviledge of carrying a white parasol, the use of a palanquin, the right to use head-gear and foot-wear in the presence of high Dutch officials. All priviledges not extended to ordinary citizens.

Tradition 3

The family owned extensive lands in Mallakan, Sandilipay, Keerimalai and Tellipalay

Tradition 4

K. C. Barr Kumarakulasinghe married Sivahami Pillai, a descendant of (muthukumara chetty of Panankaman) her family carried the title of "Thandigai" and was connected to Kanagarayan Chetty to whom to the pastoral poem "Kanagarayan Pallu" was dedicated.

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